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536W Haplogroup U indicates proneness to autism but
on the contrary, haplogroup H is likely to be the least
affected mtDNA variant.
F. Piryaei, M. Houshmand, O.
Aryani, S. Dadgar, Z. S. Soheili.
537W Characterization of interacting partners of
WNK1/HSN2 in hereditary neuropathy sensory and
autonomous type II (HSAN2).
S. Ramalingam, J.-B.
Rivière, V. Lavastre, M. Shekarabi, S. Holbert, J.
Lafontaine, M. Srour, N. Merner, D. Rochefort, P. Hince, R.
Gaudet, A.-M. Mes-Masson, J. Baets, H. Houlden, B.
Brais, G. Nicholson, H. Van Esch, S. Nafissi, P. De
Jonghe, M. M. Reilly, V. Timmerman, P. A. Dion, G. A.
538W Penalized regression to detect multiple genetic
associations with motor symptom progression in
Parkinson’s disease.
S. L. Rhodes, M. Creek, J.
Sinsheimer, B. Ritz.
539W Increased sociability and social interaction in
mice lacking glutamate receptor interacting proteins.
R. Rose, R. Mejias, A. Adamczyk, R. Huganir, T. Wang.
540W Deletion of MAOA and MAOB in male siblings
with severe mental retardation and autistic phenotype.
M. Saito, T. Yamagata, Y. Shiba, N. Nakashima, M.
Nagashima, E. Jimbo, M. Y. Momoi.
541W Genome-wide linkage analysis suggests
oligogenic regulation of brain auditory responses.
Salmela, H. Renvall, M. Vihla, J. Kere, R. Salmelin.
542W Copy number variants and agenesis of the
corpus callosum: A significant etiologic mechanism
that overlaps with autism.
E. Sherr, S. Sajan, L.
Fernandez, E. Rider, S. Esmaeeli, J. Glessner, H.
Hakonarson, S. Christian, W. Dobyns.
543W A genetic study associating brain volume
abnormalities with serotonin system gene variants in
pediatric obsessive-compulsive disorder.
V. M. Sinopoli,
K. Wu, F. MacMaster, P. Easter, J. Kennedy, G. Hanna, D.
Rosenberg, P. Arnold.
544W Multi-variant analysis of “dopamine pathway”
genes in skiers and snowboarders reveals no
association with sensation seeking behaviours.
C. J.
Thomson, S. R. Carlson, J. R. Rupert.
545W Comparative analysis of dopamine D4 receptor
rare variants in schizophrenia and attention deficit and
hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): Further evidence of
allelic heterogeneity contribution to ADHD etiology.
Tovo-Rodrigues, L. A. Rohde, T. Roman, A. Salatino-
Oliveira, J. P. Genro, F. B. Kohlrausch, C. Kieling, C. Zeni,
G. V. Polanczyk, M. Schmitz, E. S. Gama, M. I. Lobato, M.
H. Hutz.
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546W Mutation screening of microtubule genes in
sporadic and familial patients with bilateral perisylvi
S. S. Tsuneda, F. R. Torres, M. M.
Guerreiro, C. A. Guimarães, V. C. Terra-Bustamante, M.
Montenegro, F. Cendes, I. Lopes-Cendes.
547W Rare deletions at the
locus in individu
with autism spectrum disorder.
A. K. Vaags, A. C.
Lionel, D. Sato, J. L. Howe, C. R. Marshall, S. Lamoure
I. E. Drmic, L. Senman, C. Chrysler, A. Thompson, C.
Russell, D. Pinto, A. Prasad, S. Walker, W. Roberts, P.
Szatmari, S. W. Scherer.
548W Expression-based in silico screening of
candidate therapeutic compounds for mesial tempo
lobe epilepsy.
J. F. Vasconcellos, C. V. Maurer-Morelli,
S. Rocha, C. L. Yasuda, H. Tedeschi, E. D. Oliveira, F.
Cendes, I. Lopes-Cendes.
549W White matter lesion on brain MRI can be
diagnostic for ATR-X syndrome: The study of brain
MRI/CT findings in ATR-X syndrome patients in Jap
T. Wada, H. Ban, K. Enomoto, K. Kurosawa, N. Aida, A
X Syndrome Network Japan.
550W Association of candidate genes conferring
susceptibility to schizophrenia in a sample from
Indonesia with 1097 cases and 1112 controls reveal
association with rs1344706 located in the ZNF804A
D. Wildenauer, N. Dai, W. Qin, M. Wildenauer, A.
Kusumawardhani, S. Schwab, Indonesia Schizophrenia
Genetic Consortium.
551W Loss-of-function mutation of collybistin is
responsible for X-linked mental retardation associat
with epilepsy.
T. Yamamoto, K. Shimojima, M. Sugawa
M. Shichiji, S. Mukaida, R. Takamaya, K. Imai.
552W Variants in NRG3 at 10q23.1 correlated with a
subtype of schizophrenia with severe delusions.
Zeledón, M. Taub, N. Eckart, R. Wang, M. Szymanski,
Chen, A. Pulver, D. Avramopoulos, A. Sawa, D. Valle.
553W GWAS scoring routines and serial, permutated
enrichment analyses reveal a substantial polygenic
component to the risk of alcohol dependence, with
biological ontologies implicated in both European-
American and African-American subjects.
M. Zlojutro
D. M. Dick, A. Agrawal, K. K. Bucholz, M. Schuckit, S.
Kuperman, J. Kramer, J. A. Tischfield, J. I. Nurnberger,
V. Hesselbrock, B. Porjesz, L. Bierut, H. J. Edenberg, L.
554W RAAS pathway genes in susceptibility to
intracranial aneurysm in Indian population.
M. Banerj
L. V. Koshy, S. Sathyan, H. V. Easwer, S. Premkumar, J.
Alapatt, R. N. Bhattacharya.
555W Common genetic susceptibility to autism
spectrum disorder and dyslexia.
M. L. Cuccaro, D. M
E. R. Martin, J. L. Haines, J. R. Gilbert, M. A. Pericak-