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512W Pathway analysis approach for interpreting
nicotine dependence GWAS.
O. Harari, J. C. Wang, L. J.
Bierut, P. A. F. Madden, A. M. Goate, NAG and SAGE
513W Transplantation of p75 downregulated rat bone
marrow stromal cells promotes functional behavior in
a rat model of spinal cord injury.
Z. Hajebrahimi, H.
Edalat, M. Tavallaei, M. Movahedin, S. Amiri, S. J. Mowla.
514W Genetic factors associated with the
predisposition to late onset Alzheimer disase.
Alpman Durmaz, E. Kumral, B. Durmaz, H. Onay, F.
Ozkinay, O. Cogulu, S. Pehlivan, M. Orman, C. Ozkinay.
515W Genome-wide association analysis of age-at-
onset in Alzheimer’s disease.
M. M. Barmada, F. Y.
Demirci, R. L. Minster, M. M. Carrasquillo, V. S. Pankratz,
S. G. Younkin, A. J. Saykin, R. A. Sweet, E. Feingold, S. T.
DeKosky, O. L. Lopez, M. I. Kamboh.
516W Characterization of lamin B1 duplication
breakpoints and expression analysis in ADLD patients.
A. Brussino, E. Di Gregorio, E. Giorgio, D. Lacerenza, F.
Talarico, G. Vaula, P. Mandich, C. Toro, E. E. Pierre, P.
Labauge, S. Capellari, P. Cortelli, F. P. Vairo, W. Gahl, O.
Boespflug-Tanguy, A. Brusco.
517W Quantification of the LINE-1 copy number in
postmortem brains of psychiatric disorder patients.
Bundo, T. Miyauchi, A. Komori-Kokubo, K. Kasai, T. Kato,
K. Iwamoto.
518W A novel putatively autism-associated adenosine
A3 receptor variant causes dysregulation of and
altered physical association with the serotonin
N. Campbell, C.-B. Zhu, K. Lindler, R. D.
Blakely, J. S. Sutcliffe.
519W The use of aripiprazole in the management of
schizophrenia associated with 22q11.2 deletion
E. Chow, A. S. Bassett.
520W Identification of bipolar disorder genes by
exome sequencing.
C. Cruceanu, R. G. Lafrenière, D.
Spiegelman, P. Grof, M. Alda, G. A. Rouleau, G. Turecki.
521W Genome-wide search for pleiotropic genetics
effects on obesity and brain structure in Mexican
American individuals.
J. E. Curran, A. M. Winkler, R. L.
Olvera, M. A. Carless, T. D. Dyer, J. W. Kent Jr., P.
Kochunov, M. C. Mahaney, A. G. Comuzzie, P. T. Fox, L.
Almasy, R. Duggirala, D. C. Glahn, J. Blangero.
522W Network analysis reveals functional convergence
between genes involved in Alzheimer’s disease and
molecular targets of lithium.
S. D. Detera-Wadleigh, F. J.
523W Imprinted small nucleolar RNA in autism
spectrum disorders.
A. Eran, K. Vatalaro, E. N. Brown, I.
S. Kohane, L. M. Kunkel.
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524W Active and passive MDMA (‘ecstasy’) intake
induces differential transcriptional changes in the
mouse brain.
N. Fernández-Castillo, M. J. Orejarena,
Ribasés, M. Casas, P. Robledo, R. Maldonado, B.
525W Expression analysis in dental pulp stem cells
idiopathic autistic patients reveals alterations in
important processes for neurogenesis.
K. Griesi-
Oliveira, D. Y. Sunaga, L. A. Cruz, E. Vadasz, M. R.
526W Association of SNPs in the FKBP5 gene regio
with hippocampal and amygdala volume in a health
control sample.
L. Gschwind, C. Vogler, D. de Quervai
A. Papassotiropoulos.
527W A new locus for autosomal dominant Charcot
Marie-Tooth disease type 2 maps to chromosome
M. Gu, W. Xu, L. Sun, W. Guo, J. Ma, S. Ch
Z. Wang.
528W Variants in the 15q25 locus are associated wit
schizophrenia diagnosis.
K. J. Jackson, A. H. Fanous,
Chen, K. S. Kendler, X. Chen.
529W Genome-wide association study implicates
NDST3 in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
T. Len
S. Guha, C. Liu, J. Rosenfeld, P. DeRosse, L. Cheng, J.
Badner, J. Kane, A. Lee, P. Gregersen, I. Pe'er, A.
Malhotra, A. Darvasi.
530W Analysis of the
gene in early-onset
Y. Li, M. Funayama, H. Yoshino, H.
Tomiyama, N. Hattori.
531W Mesial temporal lobe epilepsy gene expressio
profiling: A comprehensive gene set enriched-based
I. Lopes-Cendes, J. F. Vasconcellos, C. V.
Maurer-Morelli, C. S. Rocha, C. L. Yasuda, H. Tedeschi,
D. Oliveira, F. Cendes.
532W A frequentist enrichment approach links bipol
affective disorder to genes involved in long-term
potentiation phenotypes.
S. Meader, L. Winchester, E.
Domenici, C. Francks, J. Ragoussis, C. Webber.
533W CACNA1C is associated with memory functio
healthy young adults.
A. Milnik, B. Auschra, D. J.-F. d
Quervain, A. Papassotiropoulos.
534W Intragenic CNVs identified by exon-level
microarray analysis in individuals with autism plus
A. Moreno-De-Luca, E. B. Kaminsky, D. H.
Ledbetter, C. L. Martin.
535W Characterization of VCP R155H homozygote
mouse model exhibits pathology typical of IBMPFD
and ALS.
A. Nalbandian, E. Dec, S. Donkervoort, H. Yi
G. D. Watts, C. Smith, V. Caiozzo, A. Wang, T. Mozaffar
Weiss, V. Kimonis.