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464W A genome wide search for type 2 diabetes
susceptibility genes in Arab families.
H. Alsafar, H.
Cordell, O. Jafer, S. Jamieson, K. Khazanehdari, J.
Blackwell, G. Tay.
465W Influence of ethnicity in association with UCP2
-866G/A, PGC1
(Gly 482 Ser) and mtDNA 10398G/A
polymorphisms in Orissa population groups.
A. Behura,
R. N. K. Bamezai, G. B. N. Chainy.
466W Exceptions to the "One Drop Rule"? DNA
evidence of African ancestry in European Americans.
J. L. Mountain, J. M. Macpherson, C. B. Do, B. T.
Naughton, R. A. Kittles, N. Eriksson.
467W African genome sequencing reveals diversity
and origin of the “European” 17q21.31 inversion
K. Meltz Steinberg, F. Antonacci, J. M.
Kidd, C. D. Campbell, P. Sudmant, L. Vives, M. Malig, L.
Scheinfeldt, W. Beggs, M. P. Donnelly, K. K. Kidd, S. A.
Tishkoff, E. E. Eichler.
468W Positive and balancing selection acting on the
lectin-like oxidized low density lipoprotein receptor 1
) intronic regions.
I. M. Predazzi, A. Rokas, N.
Schnetz-Boutaud, N. D. Williams, A. Tacconelli, A.
Deinard, J. L. Haines, G. Novelli, G. Sirugo, S. M.
469W A likelihood framework to model gene
expression evolution through a phylogeny.
R. V. Rohlfs,
P. Harrigan, D. Brawand, M. Soumillon, A. Necsulea, H.
Kaessmann, R. Nielsen.
470W Evidence for extensive ancient admixture in
different human populations.
J. Wall, S. Kim, C.
Gignoux, A. Woerner, F. L. Mendez, K. Veeramah, M. F.
471W Positive selection, purifying selection, and neo-
functionalization in human disease-related zinc-finger
G. J. Wyckoff, J. H. Laity, L. S. Feng, A. Solidar.
472W A population genetics analysis of MetaboChip
data comparing African-American and European-
descent populations.
W. S. Bush, K. E. North, S. Buyske,
B. Voight, D. C. Crawford, PAGE Study.
473W A comparative study of genetic and epigenetic
regulatory mechanisms in primates.
C. E. Cain, A. A.
Pai, R. Pique-Regi, J. F. Degner, M. Myrthil, N. Lewellen,
J. K. Pritchard, Y. Gilad.
474W RANTES gene polymorphism in HIV-infected
South African population.
N. Chin'ombe, M. Skelton, C.
475W Analysis of the genetic basis of disease in the
context of human migration.
E. C. Corona, R. C. Chen,
C. P. Patel, A. M. Morgan, M. S. Sikora, C. B.
Bustamante, A. B. Butte.
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476W Conserved SNPs are enriched for disease-
susceptability loci and eQTLs in LCLs.
P. Evans, E.
Gamazon, N. Cox.
477W Genetic of LCT gene in Amerindian population
from Brazil.
D. C. Friedrich, S. M. Callegari-Jacques, F.
M. Salzano, M. L. Petzl-Erler, L. T. Tsuneto, M. H. Hutz.
478W Human genes with unusually recent or ancien
common ancestors.
M. Hu, Y. Xue, C. Tyler-Smith.
479W Population history and paternal gene flow in t
Ch’orti’ Maya of Eastern Guatemala.
A. E. Justice, S.
Johnson, M. H. Crawford.
480W Genetic affinities of Lakshadweep Islanders.
Justin Carlus, K. Gopal, A. Mishra, P. S. Gireesha, A.
Rastogi, A. J. Francis, R. Tamang, A. G. Reddy, L. Sing
K. Thangaraj.
481W Inferences of demographic history and selecti
in Bornean and Sumatran orangutan genomes.
J. L.
Kelley, X. Ma, K. E. Eilertson, R. N. Gutenkunst, C. D.
482W Comparing genetic diversity and evolutionary
implication of 439 obesity-related genes between
populations in the Human Genome Diversity Panel.
Kim, M. Lee, Y. Yoo, J. Sung.
483W Ascertainment bias in microsatellites: Impact
estimates of mutation rates.
M. Kimmel, B. Li.
484W Lactase persistence: New variants and eviden
for function.
A. Liebert, T. Danielsen, A. Krüger Olsen,
T. Troelsen, D. M. Swallow.
485W Studying the impact of Old World diseases on
Native American populations via ancient DNA.
Llamas, L. Quintana-Murci, A. L. Hughes, A. Cooper, W.
486W Phylogenetics and phase: Comprehensive
mapping of human genetic variation associated with
the age of onset of late-onset Alzheimer’s disease.
W. Lutz, D. G. Crenshaw, A. M. Saunders, I. Grossman,
Chiba-Falek, D. K. Burns, A. D. Roses.
487W From essentiality to redundancy: Evolutionary
genetics dissection of the human interferon families
Manry, E. Patin, G. Laval, S. Fornarino, L. B. Barreiro,
Tichit, M. Fumagalli, M. Sironi, Y. Itan, J. L. Casanova,
Bouchier, L. Quintana-Murci.
488W Transmission distortion observed in human
W. K. Meyer, C. Ober, R. R. Hudson, M.
489W Impact of restricted marital practices on gene
variation in a distinctive endogamous population.
Pemberton, F.-Y. Li, E. K. Hanson, N. U. Mehta, G.
Mendoza-Fandino, J. Ballantyne, J. W. Belmont, N. A.
Rosenberg, C. Tyler-Smith, P. I. Patel.