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440W The influence of whole genome duplication and
subsequent diversification on environmental
robustness and evolutionary innovation in gene
regulatory networks.
Q. Pan, C. Darabos, A. Tyler, J.
Payne, J. H. Moore.
441W The effect of assortative mixing on the
robustness of gene regulatory networks.
D. Pechenick,
J. Payne, J. H. Moore.
442W Bioinformatics tools for population genetics and
genetic epidemiology: automatic data format
conversion for population genetics and genetic
epidemiology through a dynamic pipeline.
M. R.
Rodrigues, W. Magalhaes, M. Machado, E. Tarazona-
443W Genome of the Netherlands: Family-based whole
genome sequencing of 250 Dutch trio families.
Wijmenga, M. Swertz, H. Cao, L. Francioli, F. van Dijk, K.
Ye, R. Chen, L. Karssen, J. Laros, B. van Schaik, J.
Bovenberg, P. E. Slagboom, D. I. Boomsma, C. M. van
Duijn, G. J. van Ommen, Y. Du, P. I. W. de Bakker on
behalf of GoNL Consortium.
444W Automated determination of phased genotypes
from family HLA typing data.
N. Leahy, A. Madbouly, L.
Gragert, C. Malmberg, J. Paulson, M. Maiers.
445W A Web application for calculating allelic killer
immunoglobulin-like receptor haplotype frequencies
and linkage disequilibrium statistics.
D. Roe, C. Vierra-
Green, M. Maiers.
446W Haplotype diversity and linkage disequilibrium of
the dyslexia candidate gene
in 90 populations:
Patterns for alphabetic and logographic languages.
M. P. Bowen, S. Kosmaczewski, N. Powers, P. Paschou,
W. C. Speed, J. R. Gruen, K. K. Kidd.
variant associated with muscle strength in
young females.
F. Orkunoglu-Suer, H. Gordish-Dressman,
P. Clarkson, P. Thompson, T. Angelopoulos, P. Gordon, N.
Moyna, K. Panchapakesan, M. Abdel-Ghani, L. Pescatello,
P. Visich, R. Zoeller, E. Hoffman, J. Devaney.
448W Role of haplotypes on chromosome 6p in the
susceptibility to psoriatic arthritis.
F. J. Pellett, F.
Siannis, V. T. Farewell, P. Rahman, V. Chandran, D. D.
449W Association analysis of the 5-HTTLPR
polymorphism of the serotonin transporter gene with
type 2 diabetes mellitus and increased body mass
V. Peralta Leal, E. Leal Ugarte, J. P. Meza
Espinoza, I. P. Davalos Rodriguez, A. Bocanegra Alonso,
R. I. Acosta Gonzalez, E. Gonzales, S. Nair, J. Duran
450W Genetic variant of autophagy related 5 homolog
) is associated with asthma in the French
Canadian founder population.
A. H. Poon, S. M. Tse, A.
A. Litonjua, S. T. Weiss, Q. Hamid, C. Laprise.
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451W Tumor necrosis factor-alpha and IL4 genes
polymorphism is not associated with smoking-relate
COPD in Northern India population.
R. K. Shukla, S.
Kant, S. Bhattacharya, B. Mittal.
452W A unified model of meiosis combining
recombination, nondisjunction, interference and
H. R. Johnston IV, D. J. Cutler.
453W New deletions missed by current PCR
techniques could lead to errors in UGT2B17
genotyping for doping tests in sports and associatio
L. Wang, G. Bademci, A. L. Torres, C. Jauregu
S. Zuchner, W. K. Scott, G. W. Beecham, E. R. Martin,
M. Vance.
454W Signatures of selection in human transcription
factor binding sites and prediction of functional
consequences of noncoding mutations.
A. Siepel, L.
Arbiza, B. A. Aksoy, M. J. Hubisz, B. Gulko, I. Gronau,
455W Locally linear embedding for human populatio
structure studies.
H. Siu, L. Jin, M. Xiong.
456W Integrative SNP genotyping for parallel
sequencing in population genomics studies.
Y. Wang
J. Yu, A. Sabo, R. Gibbs, O. Thousand Genomes
Consortium, F. Yu.
457W Amylase gene copy numbers and salivary
amylase activity in ethnically diverse populations fro
C. C. Elbers, S. R. Thompson, A. Ranciaro, D
W. Meskel, G. Belay, S. A. Tishkoff.
458W Characterizing genes associated with both
complex and Mendelian diseases.
W. Jin, S. Xu, P. Qi
L. Jin.
459W A map of copy number variations in Chinese
H. Lou, S. Li, Y. Yang, X. Zhang, B. Wu, L
Jin, S. Xu.
460W Human amylase gene copy number variation i
Korea and Mongolia population.
H. Y. Son, C. H. Park
J. S. Seo, J. I. Kim.
461W The population genetics of native Peruvian
populations: Evolutionary inferences and biomedical
E. Tarazona-Santos, L. Pereira, M. Scliar,
B. Soares-Souza, R. Zamudio, L. W. Zuccherato, F. Keh
W. Magalhaes, M. R. Rodrigues, G. Bertorelle, E. Hollox
S. J. Chanock, R. H. Gilman.
462W Development of Human Variation Database in
Japanese Integrated Database Project.
A. Koike, N.
Nishida, M. Kawashima, M. Yoshida, I. Inoue, S. Tsuji,
463W Establishing the contribution of candidate gen
to the development of ESKD in Puerto Rico.
Y. M.
Afanador, A. V. Washington, J. C. Martínez-Cruzado, T.