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418W Multi-allelic and complex copy number
variations (CNVs) of contiguous genes for Fc
and heat-shock protein
in healthy subjects and systemic lupus
Y. L. Wu, B. Zhou, D. J. Birmingham, G.
C. Higgins, L. A. Hebert, B. H. Rovin, C. Y. Yu.
419W Eight novel susceptibility genes associated with
type 2 diabetes and glycaemic traits in a gene rich
linkage region on chromosome 3q for T2D and
metabolic traits — What can be learnt?
T. Andrew, W.
Lau, K. Direk, H. Elding, N. Maniatis.
420W Leveraging genome-wide association data to
detect genetic pleiotropy at loci associated with
glycmic and skeletal phenotypes.
L. K. Billings, Y. H.
Hsu, R. J. Ackerman, J. Dupuis, B. F. Voight, ARIC Study,
ASCOT Study, SUVIMAX Study, Fenland Study, BHS
Group, Amish Study, DESIR Study, French Obese, FamHS
Study, Swedish Twins, GEMINAKAR, Finnish Twins, D.
Karasik, J. B. Meigs, D. P. Kiel, J. C. Florez, DIAGRAM
Consortium, GEFOS Consortium, MAGIC Investigators.
421W Searching for low frequency functional variants
in a region linked to type 2 diabetes.
S. F. Field, I.
Prokopenko, S. Tuna, C. Groves, P. Akin, J. Broxholme, L.
J. Baier, C. Bogardus, J. Chan, S. K. Das, P. Froguel, R.
Hanson, C. Hu, W. Jia, R. C. Ma, B. Mitchell, N. W.
Rayner, A. R. Shuldiner, L. Stein, M. I. McCarthy, P.
Deloukas, International Type 2 Diabetes 1q Consortium.
422W Examination of rare variants in HNF4
European Americans with type 2 diabetes.
J. N.
Hellwege, P. J. Hicks, N. D. Palmer, B. I. Freedman, D. W.
423W Using time-to-event analysis for genome-wide
association study in a long-term cohort of diabetic
S. M. Hosseini, K. Howard, A. P. Boright, L.
Sun, A. D. Canty, S. B. Bull, B. E. Klein, R. Klein, A. D.
424W Fine-mapping haplotype analysis of established
type 2 diabetes loci using the “Metabochip”.
A. Kumar,
A. P. Morris, R. Magi, P. Deloukas, P. Donnelly, T. Frayling,
A. Hattersley, C. N. A. Palmer, A. D. Morris, M. I.
425W Relationship between diabetes risk and
admixture in post-menopausal African American and
Hispanic American women.
L. Qi, R. Nassir, R. Kosoy, L.
Garcia, J. Curb, L. Tinker, B. Howard, J. Robbins, M.
426W Genetic role on sleep disorder.
M. Falah, M.
Asghari, M. Houshmand, M. Farhadi.
427W Sequencing of whole blood cell RNA: Duplex-
specific nuclease treatment for removal of abundant
RNA species.
K. Fitch, S. Luo, P. Beineke, H. Tao, M. Wu,
S. Rosenberg, J. Wingrove.
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428W Increased African ancestry and decreased lun
function in Puerto Rican and African American
children with asthma and mediation by environment
risk factors.
K. A. Drake, C. R. Gignoux, L. A. Roth, S.
Sen, S. Thyne, P. Avila, L. Borrell, H. J. Farber, R. Kuma
W. Rodriguez-Cintron, J. Rodriguez-Santana, D.
Serebrisky, M. Lenoir, K. Meade, E. Brigino-Buenaventu
E. G. Burchard.
429W Genetic vectors: Consolidated genotyping dat
in association study of rheumatoid arthritis.
I. Sanda
L. Padyukov.
430W Novel approaches for discovery and replicatio
in large scale association studies.
D. V. Zaykin, C.-L.
431W Interpreting familial whole-genome sequencin
data for the identification of genetic variants
influencing epilepsy susceptibility.
E. K. Ruzzo, E. L.
Heinzen, R. Wedel, K. V. Shianna, D. Ge, R. Ottman, D.
432W Chronic rhinosinusitis in cystic fibrosis
A. Powers, W. Regelmann, J. Phillips,
Milla, X. Wang.
433W A Note on robust TDT-type test under
informative parental missingness.
J. Chen, K. Cheng.
Evolutionary and Population Genetic
434W Bioinformatic analysis of protein turnover of
intronless gene products.
T. O. Onabanjo, R. J. Slater,
A. Bryson, N. C. Madu, R. te Boekhorst.
435W The influence of real-life topologies on Boolea
models of gene regulatory networks.
C. Darabos, F.
DiCunto, M. Tomassini, P. Provero, M. Giacobini, J. H.
436W Compensatory amino acid changes as a signa
of human disease.
D. Jordan, I. Adzhubey, S. Sunyaev
437W Impact of genetic variants on coding genes:
genomic sequence and protein structure conservati
E. Khurana, L. Habegger, A. Abyzov, M. Gerstein.
438W Genetic structure of Jewish populations on th
basis of genome-wide single nucleotide
N. M. Kopelman, L. Stone, D. G.
Hernandez, D. Gefel, A. B. Singleton, E. Heyer, M. W.
Feldman, J. Hillel, N. A. Rosenberg.
439W Estimating a date of mixture of ancestral Sout
Asian populations.
P. Moorjani, N. Patterson, P.
Govindaraj, L. Singh, K. Thangaraj, D. Reich.