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395W Integrating gene expression data with genome-
wide association studies to identify novel asthma
susceptibility candidate genes.
D. A. Cusanovich, C.
Billstrand, C. Chavarria, K. Michelini, A. A. Pai, C. Ober, Y.
396W Genome-wide linkage and association analyses
in uterine leiomyomata reveal
as predisposition
S. L. Eggert, R. Kavalla, K. L. Huyck, P.
Somasundaram, E. A. Stewart, A. T. Lu, J. N. Painter, G.
W. Montgomery, S. E. Medland, S. A. Treloar, L. Rose, P.
M. Ridker, D. I. Chasman, N. G. Martin, R. M. Cantor, C.
C. Morton.
397W Association of gene variants and biochemical
markers with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
A. Jyothy, B. Ashrafunnisa, A. Venkateshwari, A. Munshi,
S. V. Prasad.
398W A family-based association study between
vitiligo and positional candidate genes EDNRA,
PTPN12, PTK2B and ADAM9.
L. Nascimento, C. Silva de
Castro, R. Werneck, M. Mira.
399W CNV screening identifies chromosomal regions
of interest and candidate genes in patients with
orofacial clefts.
M. Simioni, T. K. Araujo, C. V. Maurer-
Morelli, I. Lopes-Cendes, V. L. Gil-da-Silva-Lopes.
400W Analysis of
(-634 C/G and 936 C/T)
polymorphisms in T2D retinopathy patients from North
H. Singh, V. Vanita.
401W Angiotensin converting enzyme gene I/D
polymorphism analysis in type 2 diabetic retinopathy
patients from North India.
V. Vanita, H. Singh, I. R.
Singh, J. R. Singh.
402W Genetically determined metabotypes in the
context of complex diseases.
C. Gieger, S.-Y. Shin, A.-K.
Petersen, G. Zhai, T. D. Spector, N. Soranzo, K. Suhre.
403W Elucidating gene pathways underlying insulin
resistance using integrated approaches of genome-
wide association study, expression QTLs and pathway
K. Hao, X. Yang, J. W. Knowles, T. L. Assimes,
H. J. Cordell, W. Xie, M. N. Weedon, H. Zhong, T. M.
Frayling, L.-T. Ho, M. Keller, D. M. Greenawalt, D. M.
Kemp, F. Abbasi, E. Ferrannini, J. Paananen, E. Ingelsson,
L. M. Kaplan, P. S. Tsao, A. Attie, P. Lum, E. E. Schadt, M.
Laakso, M. Walker, A. Hsiung, T. Quertermous, GENESIS,
404W Genome-wide association study on the variation
of quantitative trait may help identify important genetic
variants for complex diseases: An example of CHD
risk in T2D patients.
Z. Liu, Q. Qi, F. Hu, L. Qi, L. Liang.
405W Sub-phenotyping via Metropolis-coupled MCMC
to improve the power in association studies.
Z. Geng,
S. Zölllner.
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406W Balanced translocations and inversions in the
genome of Finns.
T. Varilo, T. Luukkonen, M. Pöyhöne
L. Peltonen, A. Palotie, K. Aittomäki, J. Ignatius, K. O. J
Simola, J. D. Terwilliger, R. Salonen-Cajander.
407W A chromosome 21 association study suggests
DSCAM as a susceptibility locus for the Hirschsprun
disease endophenotype in Down syndrome.
A. S.
Jannot, A. Pelet, A. Henrion-Caude, M. Masse-Morel, S
Arnold, I. Ceccherini, S. Borrego, R. M. W. Hofstra, A.
Munnich, A. Chakravarti, J. Amiel, F. Clerget-Darpoux,
408W Prediction of complex multifactorial disease:
Comparing family history and genetics.
C. B. Do, J.
Macpherson, D. A. Hinds, B. Naughton, U. Francke, N.
409W Assessment of psoriatic quality of life and
quantity of disease by using PDI and PASI.
R. K. Gol
R. Singla, R. Kaur.
410W Assessing pleiotropic influences on comorbid
disease phenotypes.
R. C. McEachin, A. Karnovsky, J.
Cavalcoli, M. A. Sartor.
411W Using protein-protein interactions to long QT
syndrome proteins reveals networks underlying
genetic association to QT interval variation.
E. J.
Rossin, A. Lundby, A. B. Steffensen, S. Pulit, P. DeBakk
A. Pfeufer, C. Newton-Cheh, K. Lage, J. Olsen.
412W optiCall: A robust genotype calling algorithm f
rare, low-frequency and common variants.
T. Shah,
A. Anderson.
413W Assessment of methylation in combination wit
computational assessments of allelic imbalance in
human fibroblasts.
J. R. Wagner, B. Ge, S. Busche, T.
Pastinen, M. Blanchette.
414W Evidence of genetic interaction between SNPs
candidate genes that may confer increased risk for
oral clefts.
M. A. Mansilla, M. E. Cooper, K. Christense
R. G. Munger, T. H. Beaty, M. L. Marazita, J. C. Murray.
415W Genome-wide copy number analysis uncovers
new HSCR gene:
M. Garcia-Barcelo, C. S. M.
Tand, M. T. So, C. R. Marshall, S. Scherer, S. Cherny, P.
Sham, P. Tam.
416W Finding structural variants in individual human
genomes with Random Forests.
J. J. Michaelson, J.
417W Identification of a novel clefting locus through
genome-wide CNV analysis.
A. L. Petrin, J. M. Dierdo
B. A. Lentz, X. Hong, G. de la Garza, R. A. Cornell, J. C
Murray, J. R. Manak.