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347W Exome sequencing and linkage filters identify
novel candidate mutations in a family with left-
ventricular non-compaction.
S. Pan, R. Chen, M. Perez,
K. Sallam, A. Pavlovic, F. Haddad, M. Snyder, E. Ashley.
348W Novel associations of SNPs and transcripts with
paraoxonase activity in Mexican American families.
E. Quillen, D. L. Rainwater, T. D. Dyer, M. A. Carless, J. E.
Curran, M. P. Johnson, H. H. H. Goring, J. W. MacCluer,
E. K. Moses, J. Blangero, L. Almasy, M. C. Mahaney.
349W Hunting for novel dilated cardiomyopathy genes
using haplotype sharing and exome sequencing.
R. J.
Sinke, A. Pósafalvi, K. Y. van Spaendonck-Zwarts, J. P.
van Tintelen, P. A. van der Zwaag, L. G. Boven, J. J.
Bergsma, W. B. Koetsier, D. J. van Veldhuisen, M. P. van
den Berg, R. M. W. Hofstra, J. D. H. Jongbloed.
350W Massively parallel sequencing of the
mitochondrial genome in patients with pediatric
M. Tariq, V. W. Zhang, F. Scaglia, L. J.
Wong, S. M. Ware.
351W Mutation in MYOF: A new cardiomyopathy gene?
M. Wallace, M. Burch.
352W Replication study of prior GWAS candidate
genes/loci for coronary artery diseases in the genetic
isolated Newfoundland and Labrador population.
Xie, J. Cui, E. Randell, J. Renouf, S. Li, A. Pope, S. Sun,
W. Gullive, F. Han.
353W SNP-based genome-wide analysis identifies a
novel EFEMP2 mutation in four unrelated families with
dilatation of the ascending aorta.
Z. Al-Hassnan, S.
Tulbah, A. Hakami, S. Mohammed, A. Al-Omrani, A.
Almesned, M. Al-Fayyadh.
354W A study of the adiponectin Q as a susceptibility
gene for atherosclerosis.
M. Al-Najai, M. Vigilla, E.
Andres, S. Elhawari, D. Gueco, P. Muiya, N. Mazher, B. F.
Meyer, M. Alshahid, N. Dzimiri.
355W Thrombospondin 4 gene harbours a common
susceptibility locus for atherosclerosis and its risk
M. M. Alrasheed, M. G. Vigilla, D. Gueco, P. Muiya,
S. Elhawari, M. Al-Najai, E. Andres, B. F. Meyer, M.
Alshahid, N. Dzimiri.
356W Identification of additional genetic factors
contributing to LQTS in the First Nations population in
Northern BC.
L. Arbour, S. Asuri, S. McIntosh, L. Fields.
357W Genome-wide association study of hypertension
in a diverse population.
G. Beecham, A. Patel, N. Sikka,
M. Nakamura, P. Goldschmidt-Clermont, M. Pericak-
Vance, D. Seo.
358W A genome-wide association study of carotid
intima-medial thickness: A surrogate marker for
cardiovascular disease.
S. H. Blanton, A. H. Beecham, L.
Wang, C. Dong, D. Della-Morte, D. Cabral, M. Elkind, R.
Sacco, T. Rundek.
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359W Renin gene polymorphism modulates extent o
hypertrophy in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy,
independent of blood pressure.
N. Carstens, L. Van d
Merwe, M. Revera, M. Heradien, A. Goosen, P. A. Brink
C. Moolman-Smook.
360W Blood pressure and retinal arterial narrowing:
Assessing causality through Mendelian randomizati
C. Y. Cheng, X. Sim, M. K. Ikram, B. Cornes, J. J. Wan
P. Mitchell, Y. Y. Teo, S. M. Saw, T. Aung, E. S. Tai, T. Y.
361W A genome-wide gene expression association
study of young-onset hypertension in Han Chinese
population of Taiwan.
K. M. Chiang, H. C. Yang, J. W.
Chen, W. H. Pan.
362W Cardiomyopathy and sudden cardiac death in
F. Curtis, S. Connors, A. Williams, J.
Houston, T. Young, K. Hodgkinson.
363W Marfan Syndrome: A comparison of the Ghent
J. Dean, J. Crow, W. Lam.
364W The complex genetics of ARVC/D in Maritime
S. Dyack, J. Hathaway, A. Crowley, C. Gray,
365W Clinical, cytogenetic and molecular studies in
Egyptian children with congenital heart disease.
El Ruby, S. El-Seaady, N. Helmy, H. Hussein, A. El-
Gerzawy, A. Fayez, G. Noreldin, A. Abdel-Rahman, N.
Ismaeil, M. Kobeisy, R. Lotfy, A. El Darsh, I. Hussein.
366W Motivation to pursue genetic testing in
individuals with a personal or family history of cardi
events or sudden death.
K. E. Erskine, L. Cohen, M.
Stolerman, E. Paljevic, C. A. Walsh, T. V. McDonald, R.
Marion, S. M. Dolan.
367W Identification of EGFR polymorphisms that
interact with body weight and systolic blood pressu
in young Finnish adults and the prevalence of
hypertension in elderly Canadians.
M. Fan, T. Lehtima
O. Raitakari, M. Kähönen, R. W. Davies, L. Chen, G. A.
Wells, R. McPherson, R. Roberts, A. F. R. Stewart.
368W Prioritized-GWAS based on linkage informatio
identifies novel putative loci influencing coagulation.
Gagnon, A. Dimitromanolakis, G. Antoni, A. Martinez, N
Greliche, A. de Buil, J. M. Soria, P. E. Morange, P. S.
Wells, D. A. Tregouet, L. Sun.
369W Association of e2, e4 alleles of polymorphism
Apo E in Mexican preeclampsia patients.
M. Gallego
Jr., A. Acevedo, L. E. Figuera, A. M. Puebla, G. M. Zuñ
370W Does genetics add value? Our experience of
cardiac genetics referrals at Loma Linda University
Medical Center Center in the USA, highlighting the
need for a protocol for cardiac genetic work-ups.
Gold, S. Ramanathan, J. Bartley, L. Bailey, R. Clark.