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Cardiovascular Genetics
325W Genotype-phenotype correlation in hypertrophic
cardiomyopathy: Evaluation of a new slice mutation by
minigene functional assay.
E. Maioli, M. Marini, M. I.
Parodi, M. L. Galli, M. Castagnetta, D. A. Coviello, R.
Ravazzolo, P. Spirito, L. Perroni.
326W BRAP, encoded by a gene associated with
myocardial infarction, binds several key inflammatory
K. Ozaki, Y. Onouchi, Y. Nakamura, T. Tanaka.
327W Hierarchical clustering of genetic variants
according to their effect size on multiple lipid
J. Engert, S. Bailey, P. Lee, N. Rudzicz, I.
328W Unraveling the genetics behind lymphedema
with whole exome sequencing and near-infrared
fluorescence imaging.
M. L. Gonzalez-Garay, C. T.
Caskey, E. M. Sevick, O. Hall, C. E. Fife, E. A. Maus.
329W Genome-wide association study of transcripts
for genes implicated in GWAS studies for coronary
artery disease and blood phenotypes.
C. J. O’Donnell,
A. D. Johnson, A. Hendricks, S. Hwang, J. E. Freedman,
X. Zhang.
330W Genetic determinants of multiple circulating
inflammatory biomarkers and their relationship to
incident heart failure.
V. K. Topkara, J. Chu, C. C. Gu.
331W Assessment of a possible relation between
osteoporosis and hypertension in spontaneously
hypertensive rats and recombinant inbred strains.
R. El
Bikai, P. Dumas, J. Peng, S. Koltsova, V. Krˇen, M.
Pravenec, O. Seda, J. Tremblay, P. Hamet.
332W Associations between fibrinolysis pathway
genes and ischemic stroke in young adults.
Y. Cheng,
Y. J. Kim, J. W. Cole, S. J. Kittner, B. D. Mitchell.
mutations in patients with
bicuspid aortic valve.
N. R. Abdulkareem, G. Arno, J. A.
Aragon-Martin, A. H. Child, M. Jahangiri.
334W Association study of Fms-related tyrosine kinase
1 (FLT-1) gene polymorphisms with the occurrence of
coronary artery disease in Koreans.
P. Ahram, S. Dong-
Jik, P. Boram, S. Nak-Hoon, L. Jin-Woo, K. Jisun, P.
Sungha, L. Sang-Hak, J. Yangsoo.
335W The genetics of dilated cardiomyopathy: A
prioritized candidate gene study.
K. Desbiens, N.
Giannetti, I. Ruel, J. Genest, J. Engert.
336W Knockouts of the murine ortholog of the atypical
Williams-Beuren tyrosine-protein kinase gene Baz1b
present cardiac and circadian rhythm impairments.
Didelot, C. Berthonneche, A. Sarre, Y. Emmenegger, P.
Franken, T. Pedrazzini, A. Reymond.
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337W Association of PLA2G4A with myocardial
infarction is modulated by dietary polyunsaturated
fatty acids.
J. Hartiala, S. Vikman, E. Gilliam, H. Camp
H. Allayee.
338W Variation at the INSIG2 gene is associated wit
myocardial infarction in multiple ethnicities of the
S. Hooda, R. Do, G. Pare, A.
Montpetit, N. Rudzicz, T. Hudson, S. Yusuf, S. Anand, J
339W Vitamin D association of sequence variants in
gene and the prediction of mortality and
myocardial infarction.
B. D. Horne, J. B. Muhlestein, J
Carlquist, D. J. Rader, H. T. May, M. P. Reilly, J. L.
340W Prediction of vitamin D levels using three
significant SNPs from a genome-wide association
S. Knight, J. L. Anderson, B. D. Horne, H. T. Ma
J. Huntinghouse, J. F. Carlquist, J. B. Muhlestein.
341W Rare recurrent DNA copy number variants
associated with syndromic cardiovascular
S. R. Lalani, C. Shaw, X. Wang, A. Pat
L. W. Patterson, K. E. Kolodziejska, P. Szafranski, Z. Ou
Q. Tian, S. L. Kang, A. Jinnah, A. M. Baycroft, S. Ali, A.
Malik, P. Hixson, L. Potocki, J. R. Lupski, P. Stankiewic
C. A. Bacino, B. Dawson, A. L. Beaudet, F. M. Boricha,
Whittaker, C. Li, S. M. Ware, S. W. Cheung, J. L. Jefferi
J. W. Belmont.
342W Excess of deleterious mutations in genes
associated with VEGF-A in Down syndrome-related
heart defects.
C. L. Maslen, D. Babcock, B. Reshey, J.
Thusberg, S. Mooney, E. Feingold, R. H. Reeves, S. L.
343W Defining a new syndrome of arterial calcificati
with segmental sclerosis: A systems approach to
K. Menghrajani, D. Yang, C. Shuen, T.
Markello, R. Rupps, M. Boehm, W. A. Gahl, C. F.
344W Investigation of the role of
in genetic
susceptibility to congenital heart disease.
O. Migita,
C. Lionel, C. R. Marshall, S. W. Scherer, C. K. Silverside
A. S. Bassett.
345W Association of genomic loci from a
cardiovascular gene SNP array with plasma B-type
natriuretic peptide concentration in African America
The Jackson Heart Study.
S. K. Musani, V. S.
Ramachandran, A. Bidulescu, H. Nagarajarao, P. Singh,
E. Samdarshi, M. W. Steffes, H. A. Taylor, E. R. Fox.
346W Screening for microdeletions and sequencing
candidate genes associated with conotruncal heart
K. Osoegawa, D. M. Iovannisci, M. B. Ladner,
Schultz, C. Parodi, F. Cohen, D. Noonan, A. Borg, G. M
Shaw, E. Trachtenberg, E. J. Lammer.