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Saturday, October 15
SESSION 78 – Closing Plenary Session: The Grandest
Challenge: Bringing Life Sciences from Lab to Village
Room 210, Level 2, Convention Center
Lynn B. Jorde, Univ. of Utah, USA
A child in the developing world is 13 times more likely
to die under the age of five as one in the rich world,
and a poor woman is 50 times more likely to die in
pregnancy and childbirth. These shocking inequities
have many causes, but among the solutions is
innovation. New knowledge and technologies in
genetics, genomics, biotechnology and life sciences
can help to close these gaps. However, the path from
lab to village has many hurdles: scientific, ethical, and
commercial. This talk will explore how these barriers
can be surmounted and how innovation saves lives in
the developing world.
The grandest challenge: Bringing
life sciences from lab to village.
P. Singer
MaRS Ctr., Canada
Cameras and all other recording devices are
strictly prohibited
in all session rooms. Thank you for your cooperati
Saturday, October 15
SESSION 79 – Closing Remarks
Room 210, Level 2, Convention Center
As we say farewell and reflect on the past wonderfu
and exciting five days in Montreal, distinguished
leaders of the Congress, IFHGS and ASHG will
provide comments of thanks and will “pass the torc
onto the next host (the East Asian Union of Human
Genetics Societies) of the 13th International Congre
of Human Genetics scheduled to be held in
Yokohama, Japan, September 4-9, 2016.
Judith G. Hall, ICHG 2011 President; Judith E.
Allanson, ICHG 2011 Secretary-General; Lynn B.
Jorde, ASHG 2011 President; Yoichi Matsubara,
IFHGS President; Diana W. Bianchi, ICHG 2011
Program Co-chair: David L. Nelson, ICHG 2011
Program Co-chair.