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The American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG)
9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, Maryland 20814-3998
Telephone: 301-634-7300 • 1-866-HUM-GENE • Fax: 301-634-7079
ASHG Web site:
Annual Meeting Web site:
Joann A. Boughman,
Executive Vice President;
Karen Goodman,
Executive Assistant;
Chuck Windle,
Director of Administration and Finance;
Sharon Adler,
Accounting Assistant;
Kristen Long,
Communications Manager;
Information Services
Yimang Chen,
Director, Information Technology;
Ray Wolfe,
System Support Engineer
Web Site Coordinator;
Hubert Zhang,
Systems Developer;
Michael J. Dougherty,
Director of Education;
Donna Green,
Administrative Assistant;
Meetings, Registration and Exhibits
Pauline Minhinnett,
Director of Meetings;
Peggi McGovern,
Senior Meetings Associate;
Carrie Morin,
Exhibits Manager, Sponsorship and Advertising;
Mary Shih,
Membership Manager;
If you are unsure whom to contact, please e-mail
inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate person. See page 59 for a list of on
telephone numbers and offices at the Montreal Convention Center during