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Saturday, October 15
Concurrent Platform Session D (68-77)
SESSION 70 – Advances in Technology
Room 517D, Level 5, Convention Center
Orli Bahcall,
Nature Genetics
; Donna
Muzny, Baylor Col. of Med., USA
Indexing and deep sequencing of a point
mutation in mosaic samples from Proteus
syndrome: Alternative detection strategies.
M. J.
Lindhurst, J. K. Teer, J. J. Johnston, E. M. Finn, J. C.
Sapp, J. C. Mullikin, L. G. Biesecker.
Use and performance of the metabochip
genotyping array in African Americans: The PAGE
S. Buyske, Y. Wu, J. L. Ambite, T. Assimes, E.
Boerwinkle, C. Carty, I. Cheng, B. Cochran, D.
Duggan, L. Dumitrescu, M. Fesinmeyer, C. A. Haiman,
J. Haessler, L. Hindorff, H. M. Kang, C. Kooperberg, Y.
Lin, L. Le Marchand, T. Matise, S. Mitchell, K. Mohlke,
U. Peters, F. Schumacher, B. F. Voight, D. Crawford, K.
Integrated genotyping of SNPs from
multiple independent technologies: A framework
and applications.
J. Flannick, J. Korn, P. Fontanillas,
G. Grant, D. A. Altshuler.
Genotyping and sequencing on conductive
nanowires: DNA testing “while you wait”.
J. Burn, S.
P. Whitehouse, E. Warburton, J. O’Halloran.
Rapid diagnosis of glycogen storage
diseases by next-generation sequencing.
S. Abbs,
F. Smith, T. Cullup, C. Deshpande, H. Mundy, K.
Bhattacharya, M. Champion, S. C. Yau.
Exome sequencing to determine genome-
wide DNA copy number variation.
A.-M. Sulonen, H.
Edgren, P. Ellonen, H. Almusa, O. Kallioniemi, J.
Development and biological validation of a
high-throughput long non-coding RNA gene
expression platform.
J. Hellemans, P. Mestdagh, S.
Lefever, F. Pattyn, F. Speleman, J. Vandesompele.
Use of
-mediated transient
transgenic RNAi expression for rapid
characterization of mammalian gene function.
B. C.
Bjork, D. R. Beier.
Cameras and all other recording devices are
strictly prohibited
in all session rooms. Thank you for your cooperation
Saturday, October 15
Concurrent Platform Session D (68-77
SESSION 71 – Neurogenetics IV: Schizophrenia and
Room 517A, Level 5, Convention Center
Sven Cichon, Univ of Bonn, Germany;
Dalila Pinto, Hosp. for Sick Children, Univ. of Toront
Functional analysis of chimeric genes in
C. Rippey, M. Cahill, A. Nord, T.
Walsh, M. Lee, P. Penzes, J. McClellan, M.-C. King.
A comprehensive study identifies multip
genetic variants for schizophrenia.
E. Van den Oo
K. Aberg, Y. Liu, J. Bukszár, J. McClay, A. Khachane
O. Andreassen, D. Blackwood, A. Corvin, S. Djurovi
H. Gurling, R. Ophoff, C. Pato, M. Pato, B. Riley, B.
Webb, K. Kendler, M. O’Donovan, N. Craddock, G.
Kirov, M. Owen, D. Rujescu, D. St. Clair, T. Werge,
Hultman, L. Delisi, P. Sullivan.
Gene discovery for schizophrenia by
exome sequencing of multiply-affected
consanguineous Palestinian families.
H. Shahin,
Rippey, T. Walsh, M. Lee, U. Sharaha, I. Ikhmayyes,
Banoura, J. McClellan, M. Kanaan, M. C. King.
De novo copy number variants confer ri
for early onset bipolar disorder and schizophreni
D. Malhotra, J. Sebat, S. McCarthy, V. Vacic, K. E.
Burdick, S. Cichon, A. Corvin, S. Gary, E. S. Gersho
M. Karayiorgou, J. R. Kelsoe, O. Krastoshevsky, V.
Krause, E. Leibenluft, D. L. Levy, A. Malhotra, F.
McMahon, J. Michaelson, J. Potash, M. Reitschel, T
Small-scale exome-sequencing study
followed by large-scale follow-up to detect genet
variants that increase the risk of idiopathic
generalized epilepsy.
E. Heinzen, E. Ruzzo, C.
Depondt, G. Cavalleri, R. Radtke, K. Shianna, D. Ge
C. Catarino, G. O’Conner, S. Sisodiya, N. Delanty, D
Goldstein, EPIGEN Consortium.
Homozygosity mapping and new
generation sequencing identify three childhood
onset symptomatic epilepsy candidate genes.
Kousi, V. Anttila, S. Calafato, A. J. Coffey, E. Jakkula
M. Topcu, S. Gokben, D. Yuksel, F. Alehan, O. Kopr
A. Palotie, A. E. Lehesjoki.
Sushi-repeat protein Srpx2 implicated in
epileptic disorders of the speech cortex: In utero
RNA silencing causes altered development of th
rat brain cortex.
J. Cillario, N. Bruneau, M. Salmi, E
Buhler, C. Zimmer, A. Massacrier, F. Watrin, R. Cloar
C. Cardoso, P. Durbec, F. Muscatelli-Bossy, A.
Represa, P. Szepetowski.