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Thursday, October 13
Concurrent Platform Session B (30-39)
SESSION 36 – Cancer Genetics I: Melanoma and
Room 516, Level 5, Convention Center
Florence Demenais, INSERM, France;
David Goldgar, Univ. of Utah, USA
Two novel loci for melanoma
susceptibility on chromosome bands 1q42.12 and
S. Macgregor, M. Law, G. W. Montgomery, D.
T. Bishop, C. I. Amos, Q. Wei, K. M. Brown, N. G.
Martin, G. J. Mann, N. K. Hayward.
Pathway analysis of malignant melanoma
identifies 30 pathways associated with melanoma
cancer risk.
C. E. Amos, L. Wang, W. V. Chen, S.
Fang, J. E. Lee, Q. Wei.
Genome sequencing of melanoma
families identifies a novel recurrent mutation in
predisposing to familial and sporadic
K. M. Brown, S. Yokoyama, S.
MacGregor, A. E. Cust, J. Taylor, P. D. Pharoah, D. F.
Easton, A. M. Dunning, J. A. Newton-Bishop, G. W.
Montgomery, N. G. Martin, G. J. Mann, D. T. Bishop,
H. Tsao, J. M. Trent, D. E. Fisher, N. K. Hayward.
An oncogenic
germline substitution
p.E318K impairs sumoylation and predisposes to
melanoma and renal carcinoma.
B. Bressac- de
Paillerets, F. Lesueur, S. Giuliano, M. de Lichy, K. Bille,
B. d’Hayer, H. Mohamdi, A. Remenieras, E. Maubec, P.
Vabres, L. Thomas, D. Zelenika, P. Galan, V. Chaudru,
S. Richard, G. Lenoir, M. Lathrop, M.-F. Avril, F.
Demenais, R. Ballotti, C. Bertolotto, French Familial
Melanoma Study Group.
Melanoma exome sequencing identifies
as additional driver genes and potential
predisposing variants in genes of DNA repair
S. Nikolaev, D. Rimoldi, C. Iseli, A. Valsesia,
C. Gehrig, K. Harshman, M. Guipponi, O. Bukach, V.
Zoete, O. Michielin, K. Muehlethaler, D. Speiser, D.
Robyr, J. S. Beckmann, I. Xenarios, T. D. Halazonetis,
C. V. Jongeneel, B. J. Stevenson, S. E. Antonarakis.
Genome-wide association study of
melanoma progression and blood biomarkers.
Fang, L. Wang, J. Gershenwald, W. Chen, S. Vattathil,
C. Schacherer, J. Gardner, Y. Wang, T. Bishop, J.
Barrett, E. Grimm, C. McHugh, C. Laurie, K. Doheny,
E. Pugh, Q. Wei, C. Amos, J. Lee.
Discovery of novel recurrent mutations in
childhood early T-cell precursor acute
lymphoblastic leukemia by whole genome
J. Zhang, L. Ding, L. Holmfeldt, G. Wu,
S. L. Heatley, D. Payne-Turner, J. Easton, X. Chen, J.
Wang, M. Rusch, C. Lu, J. R. Collins-Underwood, J.
Ma, S. B. Pounds, M. Kleppe, J. Cools, M. L.
Hermiston, K. A. Shimano, G. Basso, S. P. Hunger, M.
L. Loh, B. Wood, S. Winter, K. P. Dunsmore, R. S.
Fulton, L. Fulton, C.-H. Pui, R. K. Wilson, J. R.
Downing, C. G. Mullighan, St Jude Children’s
Research Hospital - Washington University Pediatric
Cancer Genome Project.
Cameras and all other recording devices are
strictly prohibited
in all session rooms. Thank you for your cooperati
is a new predisposition gene fo
familial myelodysplastic syndrome and acute
myeloid leukemia.
H. S. Scott, C. N. Hahn, C. E.
Chong, C. L. Carmichael, E. J. Wilkins, P. J. Brautig
X. C. Li, M. Stankovic, M. Lin, A. Carmagnac, Y. K.
Lee, C. H. Kok, L. Gagliardi, K. L. Friend, P. G. Ekert
C. M. Butcher, A. L. Brown, I. D. Lewis, L. B. To, A.
Timms, J. Storek, S. Moore, M. Altree, R. Escher, P.
Bardy, G. K. Suthers, R. J. D’Andrea, M. S. Horwitz.