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Thursday, October 13
Concurrent Platform Session B (30-39)
SESSION 32 – Evolutionary Genetics
Room 517D, Level 5, Convention Center
Alkes Price, Broad Inst. and Harvard,
USA; Katsushi Tokunaga, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
Type 2 diabetes risk alleles show extreme
directional differentiation among human
populations, compared to hundreds of other
R. Chen, E. Corona, M. Sikora, J. T. Dudley,
A. Moreno-Estrada, A. A. Morgan, G. B. Nilsen, S. E.
Lincoln, C. D. Bustamante, A. J. Butte.
Demographic histories of African
hunting-gathering populations inferred from
genome-wide SNP variation.
S. Soi, L. Scheinfeldt,
C. Lambert, J. Hirbo, A. Ranciaro, S. Thompson, J. M.
Bodo, A. Froment, M. Ibrahim, A. Juma, T. Nyambo, S.
Omar, C. Wambebe, D. Meskel, G. Belay, S. A.
Genome-wide comparison of African-
ancestry populations from CARe and other cohorts
reveals signals of natural selection.
G. Bhatia, N.
Patterson, B. Pasaniuc, N. Zaitlen, G. Genovese, S.
Pollack, S. Mallick, S. Myers, A. Tandon, C. Spencer,
C. D. Palmer, A. Adeyemo, M. Fornage, W. H. L. Kao,
A. Ogunniyi, G. Papanicolaou, C. N. Rotimi, J. I.
Rotter, B. Salako, B. O. Tayo, S. McCarroll, P. Sabeti,
G. Lettre, P. D. Jager, J. Hirschhorn, X. Zhu, R.
Cooper, D. Reich, J. G. Wilson, A. L. Price for CARe
Analysis Core.
The evolution of
: A gene
specifically duplicated in the human lineage and
associated with cortical development of the brain.
M. Y. Dennis, X. Nuttle, P. H. Sudmant, F. Antonacci,
S. Sajjadian, L. Vives, T. A. Graves, R. K. Wilson, F.
Polleux, E. E. Eichler.
The remarkable evolution of ABO in
L. Segurel, E. E. Thompson, J. Lovstad, A.
Venkat, S. Margulis, J. Moyse, S. Ross, K. Gamble, M.
Przeworski, C. Ober.
Genomic reconstruction of an extinct
population from next-generation sequence data:
Insights from the Taìno Genome Project.
J. K.
Byrnes, J. L. Rodríguez-Flores, A. Moreno-Estrada, C.
R. Gignoux, S. Gravel, W. Guiblet, F. Zakharia, J. Dutil,
E. G. Buchard, T. K. Oleksyk, J. C. Martínez-Cruzado,
C. D. Bustamante, 1000 Genomes Project Consortium.
Development of a panel of ancestry
informative markers for Latin Americans from
genome-wide data.
J. M. Galanter, J. C. Fernandez,
C. R. Gignoux, J. Barnholtz-Sloan, C. Fernandez-
Rozadilla, A. Hidalgo-Miranda, P. Raska, C. Ruiz
Ponte, Y. Ruiz, P. Taboada, L. Porras, A. Salas, I. S.
Zolezzi, A. Bigham, G. Gutierrez, T. Grutsaert, F. Leon
Velarde, L. Moore, E. Vargas, M. Cruz, J. Escobedo,
C. Bustamante, M. Shriver, E. Ziv, E. González
Burchard, R. Haille, E. Parra, A. Carracedo, LACE
Cameras and all other recording devices are
strictly prohibited
in all session rooms. Thank you for your cooperation
Dating ancient admixture: The date of
gene flow from Neandertals into modern humans
S. Sankararaman, N. Patterson, S. Paabo, D. Reich,
Neandertal Genome Analysis Consortium.