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Thursday, October 13
Concurrent Platform Session B (30-39)
(SESSION 30, continued)
Using next-generation sequencing to
investigate rare unidentified congenital disorders.
A. C. Need, K. Schoch, Y. Hitomi, V. Shashi, D. B.
Cameras and all other recording devices are
strictly prohibited
in all session rooms. Thank you for your cooperati
Thursday, October 13
Concurrent Platform Session B (30-39
SESSION 31 – Statistical Genetics II: Expanding
Genome-Wide Association Studies
Room 517BC, Level 5, Convention Center
Saurabh Ghosh, Indian Statistical Inst.,
Kolkata, India; Daniel Shriner, NHGRI/NIH, USA
Pre-phasing: A computationally efficient
approach for imputing from new reference panel
in genome-wide association studies.
Fuchsberger, B. Howie, M. Stephens, G. Abecasis,
Phasing of many thousands of genotype
A. Williams, N. Patterson, D. Reich.
Sequencing genes in silico using single
nucleotide polymorphisms from genome-wide
association studies.
X. C. Zhang, B. Zhang, S. S. L
X. Huang, J. A. Hansen, L. P. Zhao.
The Kaiser Permanente/UCSF Genetic
Epidemiology Research Study on Adult Health an
Aging: Ethnic diversity, genetic structure, family
relatedness and power of a GWAS in a cohort of
N. Risch, M. Kvale, T. Hoffmann, S.
Hesselson, B. Dispensa, S. Rowell, L. Walter, C.
Somkin, S. VandenEeden, C. Quesenberry, L. Croen
L. Kushi, R. Whitmer, C. Iribarren, M. Sadler, D.
Ranatunga, L. Shen, M. Henderson, D. Smethurst,
Ludwig, S. Sciortino, D. Olberg, A. Finn, P.-Y. Kwok,
Genome-wide study of autoimmune
hypothyroidism using existing genomic data and
electronic medical records.
D. C. Crawford, J. C.
Denny, M. D. Ritchie, M. A. Basford, Y. Bradford, H.
Chai, R. L. Zuvich, L. Bastarache, P. Peissig, D.
Carrell, J. Pathak, R. A. Wilke, L. Rasmussen, X.
Wang, J. A. Pacheco, A. Kho, N. Weston, M.
Matsumoto, K. M. Newton, R. Li, I. J. Kullo, C. Chut
R. L. Chisholm, E. B. Larson, C. A. McCarty, D. R.
Masys, D. M. Roden, S. J. Bielinski, M. de Andrade.
Epidemiologic architecture for genes
linked to environment: Serum vitamins A and E
modify HDL-C, LDL-C, and triglyceride GWAS-
identified associations in the National Health and
Nutrition Examination Surveys.
L. Dumitrescu, R.
Goodloe, K. Brown-Gentry, D. C. Crawford.
A genome-wide association study meta-
analysis reveals multiple loci implicated in sex
hormone regulation.
J. R. B. Perry, R. Haring, A.
Koster, V. Lagou, L. Lyytikäinen, M. Mangino, A.
Petersen, L. Stolk, D. Vaidya, L. Vandenput, V. Aalto
M. F. Wellons, C. He, N. C. Onland-Moret, C. Ohlss
K. Lunetta on behalf of CHARGE+ Sex Hormone
MultiPhen: Joint model of multiple
phenotypes increases discovery in GWAS.
P. F.
O’Reilly, C. J. Hoggart, Y. Pomyen, P. Elliott, M. R.
Jarvelin, L. J. Coin.