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Wednesday, October 12
SESSION 21 – ASHG Award for Excellence in Human
Genetics Education Presentation
Room 210, Level 2, Convention Center
The ASHG Award for Excellence in Human Genetics
Education was established to recognize those who
have made significant contributions of exceptional
quality and great importance to human genetics
education. A monetary award and a plaque will be
presented to the Education Award recipient.
Stylianos E. Antonarakis
Univ. of Geneva Med. Sch., Switzerland
Giovanni Romeo
Univ. of Bologna Med. Sch., Italy
Giovanni Romeo, MD, is honored as this year’s
recipient of the ASHG Award for Excellence in Human
Genetics Education for his outstanding educational
contributions to human and medical genetics. Through
his efforts, students in Europe and around the world
have benefited from programs that have been
recognized internationally as being of exceptional
quality and great importance to the advancement of
the field. Dr. Romeo has made a consistent and
dedicated effort over the past 25 years, very much in
the tradition of his mentor Dr. Victor McKusick, in
bringing the latest developments in human genetics to
a wide array of trainees and faculty from around the
Giovanni Romeo is Professor of Medical Genetics at
the University of Bologna Medical School in Italy. In
1988, he founded the European School of Genetic
Medicine (ESGM) together with the late Dr. Victor
McKusick, and he serves as its current Director. Over
the last 24 years, the ESGM has become a focal point
of human genetics education in Italy, Europe, and
beyond. In addition, in 1995, Romeo founded and
currently serves as President of the European Genetics
Foundation (EGF), which is the only non-profit
institution in Europe entirely dedicated to human
genetics education.
Since its establishment in 1988, the ESGM has
organized courses in several areas related to human
genetics, from its first general Medical Genetics
course, to more specific courses in Cytogenetics,
Genetic Counseling, Cancer Genetics, and Statistical
Genetics, among others, many of which have been
sponsored by the European Society of Human
Cameras and all other recording devices are
strictly prohibited
in all session rooms. Thank you for your cooperati
Genetics. The courses run by ESGM have been
attended by several thousand students and have ha
a tremendous impact on the practice and research
medical genetics far beyond Europe.
Not only have these courses provided a unique
opportunity for many students to attend lectures fro
some of the most prominent scientists in the human
genetics field, but they have directly affected the
careers of many of these students by giving them th
opportunity to interact with an excellent faculty of
renowned scientists, often leading to long-lasting
relationships. The success and growth of the
European School of Genetic Medicine courses woul
not have been possible without the relentless work
and dedication of Dr. Romeo.
The international nature of Dr. Romeo’s educational
efforts is probably best demonstrated by his visiona
attempts to reach out to and integrate students and
fellow scientists from North Africa and the Middle
East. Many of the students from these regions who
have graduated through the ESGM courses would
have never otherwise had access to world-renowne
human genetics experts such as those on the ESG
faculty and their extensive knowledge of the field.
In summary, Dr. Giovanni Romeo is an eminent hum
geneticist who has made—and continues to make—
important contributions to the discipline as an
educator, an experimental scientist, as head of
research groups and academic institutes, as
coordinator of national and international research
programs, and as an active member of ASHG and
other human genetics societies. The American Socie
of Human Genetics would like to recognize Dr.
Romeo’s continuing and dedicated effort and
significant achievements in advancing human and
medical genetics education by honoring him as this
year’s recipient of the ASHG Award for Excellence i
Human Genetics Education.
For a list of past award winners, visit the ASHG We
site at