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Tuesday, October 11
SESSION 1 – Opening Ceremony and Welcoming
Room 210, Level 2, Convention Center
Prepare to be “wowed” by the opening act: a
performance by the artists from Cirque Éloize. They
have channeled their talent and creativity into a 15-
minute, high-energy show just for you! The opening
ceremony will leave you breathless with anticipation as
you prepare for an exciting 12th International
Congress of Human Genetics.
Opening Performance (4:00 pm-4:15 pm): Cirque
Lynn B. Jorde (USA)
ASHG President and Congress Host
Yoichi Matsubara (Japan)
IFHGS President
Judith G. Hall (Canada)
ICHG President
Welcoming Remarks: Alain Beaudet, President,
Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR).
Official Opening of the Congress and Opening
Remarks. Judith G. Hall (Canada), ICHG President,
University of British Columbia.
2012 is Almost Upon Us
Many ancient cultures and traditions have predicted
2012 to be a year of great change. Astronomic
conjunctions are known to be occurring toward the
end of 2012. The Mayan “Long Calendar” predicts the
end of an era (rather than the end of the world). Truly
we live in a time of phenomenal change and enormous
opportunity. Genetics and Human Genetics sit in the
center of a biologic revolution. Our present state of
knowledge and communication skills reflect the need
Cameras and all other recording devices are
strictly prohibited
in all session rooms. Thank you for your cooperati
for new modes and models of collaboration,
sustainability, economics, politics, governance, and
transparency—what role could we in Human Geneti
play at the dawn of a new era?
Congress Overview:
Judith Allanson (Canada)
ICHG Secretary-General
Diana Bianchi (USA)
ICHG 2011 Program Co-chair
David L. Nelson (USA)
ICHG 2011 Program Co-chair